Politricks Watch New Policy On Blocking People From The Channel


Before I go any further let me make something very clear AGAIN. There is no real incentive for me to do Youtube videos.

I do this because I am passionate about my country, plain and simple.

I even went as far as to show you how much I make off my biggest ever video.

With that said, as the channel gets bigger it attracts both a new group of great thinkers but also a set of imbeciles.

My comments section is not a rum bar or street corner. I will not allow any troll to turn it into a cesspool.

I will not even attempt to try and prove that I am not a JLP/PNP with an agenda. Any such statement shows me that you are a troll because if you have been a real supporter you would know that no party/politician gets a free pass on my channel.

You can disagree with anything I say, people do that daily and there are no consequences. We don’t have to agree on everything.

However, these group of people will instantly be blocked from commenting on my videos and their bullshit comments deleted;

* Any commenting about me working for one party to destroy the other(majority of those blocked are guilty of this).

* Any comment telling another person on the channel about their parents/children etc.

* Any threatening comments aimed at me or another subscriber.

* Any comments spamming and trying to promote your own channel without my permission.

If you have found yourself on the blocked list then its because you deserve it, don’t try acting a victim now.

Just move on and go find peace and comfort on another channel. Goodbye and good riddance.


  1. When fool a talk dem think a fool a listen. Continue 2 highlight the mess in our beautiful country till d leaders get it. Like this move boss. I almost stoop low to do a clap back 2 a fellow subscriber who style me as stupid empress, then I mediate 1st thought about unsubscribing, then said later fi him . I am a fighter and him a go tired fi si mi a comment. Ignorancy is something else. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Thx for the time u put in 2 edify especially those abroad so we can keep abreast with Jam Rock current affairs. Good fi dem. Thank God for your bravery

  2. Sir P, glad fi know seh di I is not gonna tek nuh renk argument from dem who nuh even worth a moment of di I time… Give Ankhs for every article… Mek I nuh even badda waste I time comment pon who can’t sight Know-ledge of yuh works… More power to I Sir P…


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