Bahamas Will Fine Citizens US $6000 For Harbouring Illegal Residents


The government of Bahamas has announced they will fine anyone who harbours an illegal resident $6000.

This comes after there was an announcement that the clampdown on illegal immigrants in the country will be temporarily ceased because of the hurricane.

Some people took this to mean that the government would ease up on the crackdown.

That turned out to be a misunderstanding as the Bahamian government is making it clear they will still fine residents.

Most of the people the government was clamping down on were from Haiti.

The timing of the announcement does seem to be strange as the Bahamas is trying to recover from Hurricane Dorian.

Surely they have bigger things to worry about?

Is the immigration issue at such a crisis point? if someone is from the Bahamas or knows someone who is please get in touch and educate me.


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