PNP Politicians Attack Each Other Online After Phillips Defeat Bunting


The fallout from the PNP President’s race between Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting has been huge.

Dr Dayton Campbell has stepped down as the opposition spokesman for health. He is refusing to serve in Phillips’ cabinet.

Peter Phillips will now have to fill that spot with someone he doesn’t really think is cut out for the job. Nobody benefits from this, but Dayton Campbell is aware that PNP will not form the next government anyway.

He is confident to step away from the Health cabinet under Phillips because he will get it back after Phillips loses and retires.

There was also a heated message sent to Damion Crawford from one of his comrades who is a Bunting supporter.

Damion Crawford was very vile towards Bunting in this election for some reason. He went overboard a couple of times as if there was some kind of personal feud between them. Bunting did not respond though so it could just be Crawford getting caught up in the moment as usual.

Jennifer Housen saw his message to Bunting and forgot she was online it seems, or maybe she doesn’t care.

This election has exposed the deep riffs inside the PNP. The party has been split since Peter Phillips and Portia Simpson Miller had their bitter internal election.

A lot of those wounds were never healed and the band-aid has fallen off right before our eyes. The party simply cannot regroup and recover in time for the next election.


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