The Story Behind The Deleted Video Off My Channel


I made a video on a post I saw in the Observer from a Maroon chief.

He was justifying their decision to return slaves to their “masters”. I mentioned in the video that the treaty is written for all to see.

We can clearly see that his argument that some slaves were trying to infiltrate them had nothing to do with the treaty they signed.

The treaty made it clear that any negro caught was to be returned by the maroons themselves.

He claimed they defeated the British and made them surrender. I countered this by asking why would you sign a treaty on their terms if you actually won the war?

Can you name one war in history where the loser got to dictate the terms of the treaty?

The British couldn’t defeat them but they also did not lose and surrender.

But let’s say they did defeat the colonisers as he claimed. Why would you then proceed to sign any treaty to bring back slaves?

I then went on to talk about how the British actually divided and conquered the maroons(even though they were “free”).

Not all maroons supported the treaty with the British so no one man can speak for all of them.

It is a fact that the Second Maroon war was fought between Trelawny Town Maroons vs the British and the Accompong maroons.

That man in the Observer is from the Accompong Maroons, it was his group that fought with the British against their own kind.

He is on a PR mission to rewrite history.

I then went on to talk about the Haitian revolution and how after Dessalines and his army defeated the French, they did not sign any treaty with them.

They gave them 10 days to leave Haiti and those who did not leave were severely dealt with.

I think it was the mention of the Haitian revolution and how they were actually focussed on ending slavery on the island and would not stop until this goal was achieved that made the video get flagged.

Can’t be having all that rebel talk!

I guess this video was too hardcore for Youtube, so it has been removed from the platform.


  1. Such a pity that in this day and age the truth is still being muzzled. Those who are in high places and benefit from half and quarter truths do not wish for their equilibrium to sway.

    Sir P thanks for persevering and for always finding ingenious ways to teach. I truly appreciate it.

  2. Wow! What an awesome read. Some of which I had no knowledge of. This is very thought provoking, I can see why it was flagged. Nope can’t have the truth floating out there. The truth has no place in this era of deception. The truth is now “fake news” lol.

  3. I don’t see why I should celebrate maroons if they signed an agreement to turn over men of the same race who were seeking freedom, to the British. Were not they the people who captured Paul Bogle and tuned him over to the British and yet we are celebrating captors and the captive equally as national heroes. Does this makes sense?


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