Peter Phillips Has Defeated Peter Bunting To Remain PNP Leader


Peter Phillips has won a very narrow race against Peter Bunting.

He won by just 76 votes as Phillips got 1427 compared to Bunting’s 1351.

This means that Peter Phillips is running a party that is basically split right down the middle.

His majority is so small that it still makes him vulnerable as the leader.

It also puts him in the position of having to pick out a team from the Bunting camp to be apart of his own to face Andrew Holness and the JLP.

As it stands the JLP are big favourites to win the next general election.

Peter Phillips might have won today but the PNP as a party has taken a loss. This division is now too great and evident.


  1. The Daily Gleaner stated that there were 2289 eligible Voters. Yet when the total votes for both Contestants are added up we see that 2778 votes were cast; a difference of 489 extra votes. An explanation is necessary as to where and how the extra votes came about.


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