Alkaline Fan Uploads Video With High Powered Weapons Threatening Squash And 6ix Crew


The clash between Alkaline and Squash from the 6ix crew has taken a turn for the worse.

One of his fans decided it would be a good idea to upload a video showing off high powered weapons.

The individual went on to threaten Squash and tell him what will happen when they see him in person.

The weapons include three handguns, one short barrel AK-47 assault rifle and one M4/M16 carbine(can’t see all the details to make out which one exactly it is).

To make things worse, Alkaline posted the video on his Instagram story and it has now gained traction.

This is an incredibly irresponsible move from Alkaline. He is a talented youth but he is heading down a dangerous road.

First of all, we have seen this before with Mavado and Vybz Kartel.

We know how fans can take up their artist’s conflicts and fight them out in the streets. History is repeating itself.

The person in the video sounds like they are from St James as well but there is no way to confirm this.

I want the fans of these artists to know that when they get caught or killed with these weapons, neither Alkaline nor Squash will be paying your bail money.

It will be your poor mother/father who can hardly barely afford the basics.

If you want to be an idiot and kill each other over a bunch of rich artists who at the end of the day is going home to their nice, safe community be my guest.

Just make sure you stay away from innocent citizens with the foolishness.


  1. Where are the artists involved to come out publicly be an example n cry peace. This is why all these foreigners now want a piece of reggae .They realize that there’s no unity and everyone want a piece .Watch them capitalize from it while our artists feuding instead of uniting to copyright the business so no one can come in and sweep it from under their feet. Too much coveteous crab in a barrel style in the industry. Mr. Chang how did the SOE miss all that loot eh ?🤣 Especially, all that bumpstock which has been banned in the USA. Are those some of the 200 shoes u let slide under the raidar? The SOE should have gotten dem shoes off the streets along with the owners. My youth one good thing about music , when it hits you , u feel no pain. So done wid the foolishness. Good job and advice Sir P. Know u will continue to keep us posted on what a gwaan.

  2. Sir p this individual is not in Jamaica
    Neither are those guns ….
    I know this from the water bottle on his table
    It is a true-value brand water, which are sold by Walmart exclusively …
    Now either there is a new Walmart franchise in Jamaica that I do not know about
    Or someone decided the water was so good That they had to bring a few bottles to Jamaica

    Simply Put.
    this individual is just lookIng for a bit attention from his beloved artist

  3. That is not in Jamaica, these guns are brand new, when have u ever seen smuggled guns look in showroom condition like this? And then the water bottle, great value is a walmart brand. There is no walmart in Jamaica. Clearly America, and those guns are probably legal.


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