Eek A Mouse Is Having A Mental Breakdown Or Desperate For Attention?


Deejay Eek-A-Mouse has taken his cry for help to new levels or is it his cry for attention? Somebody sent me the above pic and asked if I knew what was going on with the deejay.

Eek-a-mouse has now transformed into freak-a-mouse!

The Deejay is now crossdressing and has seemingly come out of the closet as a member of the gay community.

That in itself is not what is making me wonder if he is having mental issues, it is the stunts he is pulling off.

I have always believed there are many dancehall artistes who are closet homosexuals.

This type of behaviour from eek-a-mouse doesn’t seem like someone coming out of the closet but someone who wants attention.

The mouse is one of the old school ruff neck deejays that have come out od dancehall. He has many hits and has travelled the world because of them.

The sudden switch up in demeanour and now we see him walking around with panties on his head is rather puzzling.

Eek-a-mouse is reminding me of people who I have seen lose their sanity over the years. At first, we thought they were just trying to be funny until it was too late.

It is important that the mouse makes it clear to the people what is going on here. Is he having some sort of breakdown like Britney Spears had when she cut off her hair and became a tomboy for a short spell? or is he just super gay now and is making up for lost time?

I think Eek-a-mouse owes that much to his fans. That way we can know whether to let him be in this new world of cross-dressing and panty on head phase or get him the help he might need.

Sometimes people cry out for help in different ways. I just don’t get why a man who is now accepting that he is gay would need to go down these roads to prove it.


  1. I laughed. He wants to make himself an unmanly mascot, that is his business. If he needs help, he may not know how to ask for it. I do not have much patience for nutsness.

  2. Maybe he was raped while incarcerated and he’s traumatized . Either he’s seeking attention or he just mentally ill n crying out 4 help. Could he became gay while in jail and wanna come out to the world as a free man.He really seems to be struggling with his sexuality.

  3. Good morning. This is a difficult one to diagnose from a distance. The issue with mental illness is at times the ones suffering from certain types of mental illness is not aware of their mental decline. I have seen from a close family member, the devastating effects of a misdiagnosed mental disorder. How left untreated can ruin an entire family structure. Our society places a huge stigma on the ones suffering with this fate. I am truly on the fence with this one. You are right though, it would be nice to get some kind of clarification on whether these behaviors are just publicity stunts or a cry for help.

    I am now wondering what may have befallen him while being incarcerated for so long in those prisons. Not everyone makes it out with their sanity and manhood intact. Who knows the horrors he may have witnessed or experienced? Bless up.

  4. A lot of these guys during their successful period making music-making lots of money they squander the money, get themselves into problems get incarcerated and some of them largely don’t have people to guide them as to how to invest their money to live comfortably later some of them do run into hardships and reflect on their success of yesteryear and sometimes sent them into depression of course I don’t know the exact problem of this gentleman but he clearly needs help


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