Police Kill Three Youths In Montego Bay And Residents Block The Road In Protest


Residents in Rose Heights St James were blocking the roads and crying for justice after 3 youths were killed in a barrage of gunshots.

The residents claim the Police killed the youths in a car and then planted guns on them.

This community is one of the most troubled in St James and they are always having problems with the police. This is not the first time there have been incidents like this down there.

Check out this video from the crime scene, warning it is kinda graphic if you’re not good at looking at blood.

As you can see there are dozens of empty shell casings on the ground and it looks like a scene from a war movie.

At the moment we have nothing to work with except what the person recording the video is saying.

We should soon hear about the names and age of the men. I can imagine this will be another case of residents saying murder and the cops saying self-defence and evasive action.

Let’s see how this one turns out.


  1. The police are from the society. The society needs to improve it’s expectations of self. A respect for African People is where it starts. Reading for general knowledge, reading literature. Stop using slave terms. These slave terms a huge dead weight on Jamaican society. And ethnic Afro society in general. When you start to uplift yourselves and each other as a community, your mindset will begin to improve. You will begin to interact with others on an equal basis and you will begin to learn from them, how to be free. All of these miseries stem from us still being enslaved. We were never taught how to be free.

  2. Am from saltspring montego bay 19 years old.. shit like this made me leave my community…. quick story one night I was walking from a female friend’s house an a police vehicle pulled up next to me the moment they open their mouth its nothing but intimidation .. long story short it got to a point when I was ask where am coming from I told them then they continue to question me in the most hostile ways possible without being physical people started to come out of their house to see what was happening, when they saw that people was watching one of the officers then tells me ‘you lucky people come out yah cause a some gun shot you fi get ina the night yah’ keep in mind I have no violent history never even been detained in SOE or anything , I have a lot more personal experiences with them and i have also witness them abusing others countless amounts of time … but at the same time they are some cool officers very few!!!
    The soilders are well respected in the community an it’s not because of fear , it is because of how the soilders interact with community members not just as soilders but as a regular human’s… so what I gather from that is if the (POLICE OFFICERS) just communicate an interact with community members as humans I believe that it can put a huge dent on crime in the island .. and honestly a SOE is not needed in montego bay the city just needs proper police officers an policing measures.. at the root of everything in montego bay (DR chang) so to solve the crime problem they need to address corruption in the high seats

  3. It’s so sad that some of us have the heart to do this to ourselves. Why? I keep asking why? When did we lose the love for eachother. When did we lose our sympathy for others pain? I remember being called a Nigger in school by teachers. I remember not being able to walk certain areas at night because the kkk or their children may come for you. I remember seeing my brothers and sisters in South Africa being murdered for foolishness. I remember feeling angry, hurt, and grieved for their struggle. We had one voice then!
    It seems that the rule of Caesar and his capital gains style of living has brainwashed our global people and turned them into the same pirates that stole them from our MOTHERLAND!
    Live in love and righteous people. Unity for the better of mankind. Leave money for those who can dead and bring it with them.
    One Love ❤💛💚💛❤


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