Temple Hall Triple Murder information


Three men got killed and three others were injured in Temple Hall, St Andrew.

All three men came from Spanish Town, even though one was living in Brandon Hill.

Here is why they died so far from Spain.


  1. Based on your commentary. Wonder who or what these guys running from . The security team need 2 stop upthere from being a safe haven for criminals b 4 innocent citizens get hurt in crossfire.Good investigative reporting Sir P

  2. So these innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with this nonsense are going to get caught up in the crossfire? Kmt just unbelievable!

  3. Mega plow was said to be responsible for the 4 murders you spoke of where tony Welch was implicated. I don’t know why dem gone up that side wid dem foolishness but it was a matter of time before it would catch up to him.

  4. Not good, not good at all, Temple Hall, is a quiet community, we also know retaliation will come, cause their friends will not take this lightly


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