Sizzla Kalonji Receives National Honour For His Contributions To Music.


Sizzla Kalonji has been given a national honour and it was well deserved. He was given the award by Prime Minister Andrew Holness at the national stadium during the annual gala.

Sizzla’s musical career belongs in the upper tier of artists and he should have been awarded a long time ago.

The only thing that has held Sizzla back in his career is his strange deviation from positive rasta songs.
He has a number of gun and “slack” songs in his catalogue that a lot of people just can’t get over.

This makes them question whether he should be mentioned among the other great rasta artists.

In my opinion, Sizzla is an elite level artist and his name belongs with the very best.

His deviation into gunman tunes does seem strange but his talent is undeniable. Top 5 Reggae artist of all time!


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