Police Claim Huge Success In St Catherine To Cover Up Failing To Tackle Gangs There


When the post on Loop said “Some big wins for St Catherine South police in July”, I was expecting a lot.

Turns out its only huge success by the standards of the JCF.

In one month they arrested a low budget 90 octane called “Saddam”, a guilty verdict for an 87 octane caught with a gun and a wanted man killed.

That is what is now considered big wins apparently.

Saddam was not a mover and shaker in St Catherine. He was not on the level of Tesha Miller, Blackman etc.

Matter of fact, the “nighttime gang” are a bunch of sprats in the grand scheme of things. Their impact on St Catherine’s crime rate is a drop in the bucket.

Clansman and One Order remain the real targets.

The Police need to crush those gangs and then get back to us if they want to make us believe the tax dollars are being put to good use.


  1. Why they dont set up a sting operation n take dont the bigger problem. One of them need 2 join d. gangs n take dem down. Then we can say dem working ,any they have a sprat. One less 2 worry about 4 members of that community

  2. Sir P to me you’re akin to kartel because you bring the real issues to the forefront the ones that ppl don’t want to discuss and pretend they don’t see. It’s been a long time these things going on in Ja and ppl cover their mouths and don’t say anything or just the rhetoric they’re told. Ppl need to get up from under the white Jesus yoke and bring forth their dignity truth and integrity. Bwoy the amount of things I want to say would fill many books but go on ppl night wake up.


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