Jamaicans Who Support Politicians Unconditionally Are A Big Part Of Jamaica’s Problems


We all know about the role crooked and incompetent politicians have played in reducing Jamaica to a crime ridden underachieving nation.

They get called out in songs, movies, blogs etc. but are they alone?

How did these crooks get in and stay in power? simple, their supporters. When are we going to stop acting like these people vote for themselves?

They are backed and enabled by their supporters who are just as corrupt and like-minded. You can fool yourself all you want but if you throw your support behind someone that has a track record like some of these politicians, you are apart of the problem.

Jamaica should come before any party/politician

Jamaica is infested with people who love their beloved parties more than they love their country.

These people dress up every day and pretend to be civilised people but they are vicious tribalists at heart. All you need to do is utter the name of their beloved politician and watch them transform.

They get up every day and cry about crime, corruption etc. but next election they are ready to vote for the same candidate again.

Politicians in Jamaica can stand on a stage and call people anything they want and their foolish supporters will cheer and blow their vuvuzelas.

If you are expecting these tribalists to show any form of integrity and stand up to these politicians, forget it.

These people are often educated but are never intelligent.

Some of them have multiple degrees on their wall but when you state a fact about their beloved party or politician they immediately get dunce.

The part of their brain that governs reason and logic gets shut down and they can now only see orange or green.

Why are they given a pass? they are the ones who keep these dreadful politicians in power.

The leaders are often a reflection of the people who elect them. Every bad trait Jamaican politicians have is nothing more than a reflection of the voters that keep them in their seat.

We can cry about politicians all we want but until the people who enable them and support them unconditionally get called out, nothing will change.

Some of you blind tribalists would vote for Satan himself if he was wearing your party colours on election day……


  1. Hi, Sir P. This is accurate. The Gov’t is of the people. So they feed off each other. Like Pluto and Charon. How do we get these people to change their ways? The older they are, the more rigid their minds are. The youth and young adults are the better way forward. How do we make that change? We must start the conversation about slavery. Even if you may disagree. It is a must. Bcse species pass down behaviour from generation to generation, largely unchanged. I am even thinking of bribing homeless to take my survey posed to the descendants of enslaved.

  2. You are the only relevant Jamaican blogger at the moment. Intelligence high and you always think outside the box. Plus it nuh seems like yuh fraid a people. Talk truth GENERAL!!

  3. Blessings to the illuminator.You’ve enlightened a vault of curiosities I had from much younger.Always wondered if someone out there shares these same curiosities.I search no more.Your investigative, credible & fearless journalism is oh so lacking from main stream media outlets. Q.Have you read a copy of Born Fi Dead by Laurie Gunns?


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