Buy Some Real Estate Back In Africa/Caribbean For Insurance Purposes


The world is a dangerous and unpredictable place, especially for immigrants.

As Jamaicans, we are scattered far and wide across the globe. Most of the Jamaican Diaspora resides in three countries; UK, USA and Canada.

Some migrated there and others were born there but still identify with Jamaica as their homeland.

It is easy to get comfortable and think all is well and you will spend the rest of your life living happily ever.

The reality is the world is heading towards xenophobia and old fashioned tribalism.

In the UK, the Brexit movement well and truly underway and shows no sign of slowing down. Europe is getting more and more divided as the days go by.

America is having its own “we want our country back” movement and is going through a period of division that I can’t remember in my lifetime.

Even though Jamaicans are not the main targets of any of these movements, we must always remember to some people we will always be aliens, even if you were born in these foreign countries.

We cannot trust our freedom on the goodwill of lawmakers and the parties in these countries who claim they have our best interests at heart.

All Jamaicans should try and get a small piece of Real Estate in a non-EU/North American country.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in Jamaica, the Caribbean or Africa.

History has proven that countries descend into chaos very quickly. Do not think if something starts to go wrong, you will months to sort yourself out.

It might be a case of pack your bags and leave right away.

This might sound extreme but look at the past if you want to know what the future will look like.

The same places that you scoff at now and think they are a dump might be the place you will have to call home one day.

Obviously, I am not saying you should sell your furniture now and run away to Ghana. What I am saying is do not think your safety in America/UK/Canada is guaranteed.

Laws are in place to protect citizens but laws can be changed! laws were written by men and they can also be changed by them.

Having Real Estate in multiple locations is a good idea anyway, regardless of what the motive is for getting it.

If chaos was to breakout, you need the comfort of knowing you can take your family and jump on the next flight out.

A lot of people did this in Europe in the 1940s and they are the ones who went on to play a huge role in America’s development.

Which countries would you jump on the plane and head for if you had to leave foreign today?


  1. Shalom. I do not know which country in Africa I would try. A lady who does “redirecting” on u tube, did two videos on reality of migrating to Africa. I want changes to occur in Jamaica bcse, it would save my life if I had to go back there. I would also like for Jamaicans to able bring their accumulated dangerous toys back with them. Where as Jamaica does not really recognize the right to possess such toys. This is 1 reason why there is so much violent crime there. We care about our birth land. Even when we do not think we do. You know when some of us recognize we still care about our birth land? When the plane starts to taxi at the departing airport in the home city, or when the back wheels touch the runway in Jamaica. Especially if you have not been back for too long.

  2. You are correct in this cable. Reprobates are bad minding foreigners. This level of bad mind is going to blow back on the country. It is already doing so. Hotels and farmers are suffering. Chicken processing and other plants are suffering. Bright minds are shunning to come here because of the poor reception they recieved at the air port at the beginning of the muslim ban. Opening 1 or more foreign accounts is very wise. The U.S. dollar is tied to the oil market. I don’t think this is a good idea. And they are throwing their weight around to secure the dollar in this market. Natural disasters are taking their toll increasingly. Jamaica is not as developed in the rural areas, so disasters may not affect it as much. Your advice should be considered. Family survival may depend on appropriate options we create for ourselves. Based not only on what you stated in this cable, but what is going on on youtube.

  3. crime is EVERYWHERE
    Jamaica land we love!!!!
    I was born in London 1994 & I plan on residing in Jamaica in the next 5-10 years

  4. My mum bought a house in Jamaica long years ago ,after I earned my degree I returned home . I will always bet on Jamaica I saw America heading into destruction years ago. Every Jamaican in the diaspora should buy property in Jamaica. Don’t hype and be humble and avoid criminals.

  5. About half of my family lives abroad in the Caribbean. I know there are homes I can stay in if I had to leave North America, but owning my own land in Jamaica is one of my goals because we never know when things may turn left.

    My concern is for the badminders who may attempt to steal your money while building or steal from or try to kill you when you return and they see you living life good. This is a real concern even morseso now that I watch this channel.


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