Man Rip off Pigeon Head for his guard ring ritual


I don’t know where exactly this is from but this is one of the guard ring rituals


  1. These people are being fooled by the science man if they think some guard ring is going to protect you or do any other wonders. They are slaughtering innocent animals for fuckery. The science man needs to be ashame because they haven’t mastered the craft. Only certain countries that truly practice fuckery is the real deal. I’ve never heard of any guard ring what I’ve seen and heard is the necklaces you wear every day for protection that represents the different saints that I know to be real because I’ve had them and been there. Now I don’t dabble into that anymore I stayed prayed up instead allow my blessings to come from God.

  2. Normally it’s youngmen who are mixed up in acidic lifestyle do these things. If you are living a honest life you wouldn’t see the need to do things like this.

  3. my momma taught me that if you got nothing nice to say,…..dont say anything at all. so i will abstain from comment. one word maybe…… primitive.


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