Gunman Kills Woman And Then Gets Instant Karma


They later killed him after he confessed who sent him.


    • Not when it comes under threat of losing one’s life. A defense lawyer will argue that the declaration was made in an attempt to satisfy the demands of those threatening the individuals life as he tries to save himself.

    • It does, but not when the person making the dying declaration is under duress/torture. Any mediocre defense lawyer will get this thrown out.

    • Yes, however the defense can twist things into their favor and say he was under heavy duress and as such pinned the blame on an individual he knew had a rift with the victim.

      • Yes, the defense can surely say what you said but the police investigation should show some connection between the victim and the accused. Phone records also should be able to connect the hitman and accused also. The investigation should be able to show motive and connections to all involved. So just saying it or throwing it out there don’t automatically exonerated curry boss or whoever.

  1. Big up Sir P. Jungle Justice. I am tired of these piece of dog dung who act like them more hungry than anyone else. He never knew that it was his day too.

  2. The search should be on for curry goat boss in earnest. Seems there are a lot of these jankros walking around Jamaica being contracted by greedy evil savage minded to absolved themselves of any accountability.

  3. Dying declaration does carry weight but there was extreme duress. Currygoat boss can argue that he was trying to save his own skin. The fact that the video looped on itself says nothing. It can stand in court as long as the creator of it is willing to testify. But he mention curry goat boss calling him so his phone could be ceased and a cell site analysis be done to determine if his story is true.. In law there are many legal parameters but as a matter of practice that declaration if going to have a difficult time getting pass the judge.

  4. The testimony of a murderer implicating the person who hired him wouldn’t be enough to secure a conviction. An attorney would argue the now deceased probably didnt like currygoat boss or he couldve been coerced by his killer or killers to confess. Either way currygoat boss would walk if he was brought before the court. Carma is a bitch though and im quite sure if he escapes the long arm of the law, the short arm of jungle justice will catch up to him.

  5. This is a common thing in Jamaica. Youths as young as 15 a turn contract killers. I heard of two students that attend Papine High School who are heavily connected to this. Most times they are known to the police but the police force has a lot of corrupt members who profit from these guys.

  6. They need to catch the others and find out what they did with the lady son. I pray for Jamaica and the people because you never know when someone take set pon you. One day you living life trying to get by and the next someone killed you over bullshit over their benefits. It’s really sad and getting way beyond out of control the government and police must step in enough is enough at this time fuck these criminals life kill them all prison to comfy for them right now.

    • lol. you unknowingly just exactly explained why this country is the way it is. bloodthirsty people who reach for their camera before assisting the dying.

  7. Bless up Sir P. Trust me whole heap ah we never know what was going on. Nuff ah we never even know we were toxic and acidic mentally and spiritually. Like GI Joe cartoon always say, “Knowing is half the battle”.

    The more Jamaican people stop participate in the corruption the more Jamaica will improve. Jamaican men please stop breeding children and then refuse to raise them properly.


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