YeahKark Walker – Jamaican Most Wanted Man Killed In Trinidad


YeahKark Walker has been wanted for a number of years and the whole time he has been in Trinidad. He was killed after being set up by a woman he was involved with.


  1. Sir P, my dad was living in the bahamas and he was set up on just the same by his wife to get him killed. he was a security guard and retired and after he was retired the security company called him back to work. then shortly after he was killed. she now moved on with her life like nothing happen. we went to his funeral and stayed in hotel and safely return home and never look back. my cousin dad was also killed the same in British Caribbean Island.

  2. They truely hate jamaican pls all jamaican living in trindad pls be carful pls return home if possible they will kill you and dont think twice …Jamaican we are very hated ppl especially in the Caribbean

  3. These Caribbean Islands do not like Jamaicans. I have travelled, and they tell me to my face, that they don’t like Jamaicans. Our government need to improve our country, so we don’t have to go to these countries to make a living.

  4. Sir P, it has one of our fellow jamaican who reside in Trinidad passed away late last year due to gunshot. We are yet to know what was the root cause or motive behind our native brother death.

  5. It’s sad to see another young youth gone, but he also took many lives took and that creeps up on him back..

    Big up yuh self MR. P
    Straight from the cayman island

  6. jamaica have the highest murder rate in the entire Caribbean,, guess yall dont like yall self either,,smh, plus yall glorify the killers,,😒🤔


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